(…reflecting our cultural divide on same-sex marriage)

The Supreme Court’s split decision is reflecting our cultural divide on same-sex marriage. That five-four split, along with the vehemence of its dissenting members, is an exact reflection of our society’s division and feeling on the subject. A division across the country caused mostly by generational factors more than anything else.

The Court’s rationale for this decision…the – equal protection – provisions of our constitution seems a bit of a stretch, yet very difficult to argue against, since equal protection…is equal protection, and it would be illogical to say that some protection is more equal…than others. Still, where the dissenting and dividing lines occur seems to be about whether –same-sex – and – marriage- belong together, since some consider doing so is an oxymoronic construct. Such extreme division over social issues is nothing new in our history. Many have been just as intense in their times as this one is today. It’s simply been part of the process of our society’s cultural evolution and, as we can all recall, that process has not always been non-violent (viz. our Civil War) over states rights and slavery … mandatory education for young children…child labor…animal cruelty…voting rights for women… prohibition…civil rights…abortion rights…gay rights…immigrant rights, etc..

Through it all the Court’s role in the process has always been to act as the referee or umpire during such contentions, and deciding how to resolve them. Inevitably not everyone has always been happy with the outcome of such decisions, as is the case with this one. Nevertheless, since we were founded on the principle of being a nation of laws, we mostly abide by its rulings, no matter how loudly we might bitch, curse, or grumble about them. That may be the reason why our republic has managed to endure as long as it has, while somehow accommodating the ever-changing diversity of our society’s cultural composition. It’s an imperfect matrix, and probably always will be, but compared to what so many other folks in this world have, ours is perhaps the most tolerable of imperfections.

While having a single unitary law for this issue across the country is better than having a hodge-podge of conflicting ones among the various states, there could be some unintended consequences arising from this decision. That is, a demand by some to now have a national day set aside for– Straight Pride – with parades for the occasion, just as we do for – Gay Pride – After all the Court has ruled that… equal protection…is equal protection… and must be applicable to all Americans.

God bless this sweet land of…liberty.