(…is a practitioner of extreme barbarism and criminality)

The latest barbaric murders of its Japanese and Jordanian hostages should be sufficient proof that the self-proclaimed caliphate of ISIS/ISSL is a practitioner of extreme barbarism and criminality. It is nothing more than an international criminal organization and all of its adherents and sympathizers wherever found should be classified as criminals. Under the banner of so-called “jihad” it is using extortion, murder, pillage, and rape, as an attempt to carve out its own enclave of power in the Middle East.

It’s time that the rest of the world community understands that ISIS/ISSL is a serious threat to it, and that any form of appeasement will simply expand its reach in the Middle East, and elsewhere. It must not be viewed as an extremely radical aberrant but legitimate form of Islam. It is not. It is simply using that religious cover to justify its criminal activities, and all true Muslims should consider that a blasphemous defamation of their religion…and treat it accordingly.

Simply put, the same collective international resources applied to counter international drug cartels, human trafficking, and similar organized criminal enterprises should be mobilized against ISIS/ISSL, not just military ones. In that context, the international community should also consider issuing the modern equivalent of letters of marque and reprisal to private parties able and willing to hunt down and identify any ISIS/ISSL supporters or adherents wherever they may be found, with appropriate bounties paid for these depending on their importance and position in the ISIS/ISSL structure.

Of even greater importance an internationally coordinated effort should also be made to block its access to Internet services, which it uses as its main means to propagandize and recruit sympathizers and supporters. This should include all multi-media platforms such as Face Book and Twitter. In fact, we would suggest that international authorities go even further, by developing malware, similar to a “poison pill” that could effectively render any ISSIS/ISSL internet connection useless, the same kind of cyber sabotage that has been used elsewhere for malicious purposes. In this instance, however, it is a matter of self-defense and should be considered as such by all members of the international community.

What we have here is a latter-day version of the Old Man of the Mountain and his Assassins, who terrorized the region centuries ago, using the same methods of extortion and murder to accomplish their goals. If we recall correctly it was Saladin who eventually stormed their stronghold…and wiped them out…just as should be done with any pack of rabid dogs.