(…because it seems there’s water in those hills of it!)

NASA just announced that from the data collected by their surveying satellite over our neighboring planet it now looks like Mars may be…all wet…because it seems there’s water in those hills of it! Rather briny stuff too, which suggests it’s been leaching out of those Martian rocks for a long time.

Apparently this latest development further confirms the view that, at one time, Mars had as much water as the Atlantic Ocean here on Earth, so now the big question about that is… what happened to all that liquid? But perhaps the real question should be…what caused it to disappear from the surface of that planet, leaving it seemingly dry as a bone?

We don’t have the answers to those questions yet, but we humans are obviously now going to take more active measures to get answers to those questions, besides just sending a few more rover machines to prowl over Mars’ terrain to get them. That is, one way or the other it will take manned missions to that planet to get some definitive answers about them.

For those who might question the value of spending time and money on such efforts, given our concerns about the global warming trend here, perhaps finding out what may have happened on Mars will help us better deal with it…before Earth ends up like Mars. Here’s why: at some time in the past Mars was apparently both warm and wet, and had an atmosphere. Something then happened which changed all that…leaving it cold, dry, and with hardly an atmosphere to speak of. So, if global warming is a precursor stage similar to what may have happened on Mars, understanding what happened there may be of vital importance for our survival as a species here on planet Earth.

Then again, given our human reproductive excesses, if there’s the remotest possibility that this nearby neighbor planet has any potentials for sustaining our life forms… colonizing it with our surplus numbers may be our only viable option for survival as a species.

It will be interesting to see what happens next.