(… just because we really don’t want to be more involved than we are already?)

By openly increasing Russia’s presence in the Syrian civil war, Putin has made an opportunistic whore’s move into the situation, expecting to gain some further international “cred” as a major player in that cesspool of conflicting interests.

The US’s limp-biscuit reaction to that raises this question: are we now pimping for Putin’s “putaissmo” in Syria…just because we really don’t want to be more involved than we are already? On the face of it, it would seem so, and the rest of international community seems to be playing it that way too, with everyone yakking about formulating some kind of political settlement to negotiate a “transition” authority to phase out the Assad regime, while attempting to knock off ISIS at the same time.

They must all be smoking some of that Syrian hashish from the Bekaa Valley if they believe that’s a realistic scenario.

In any event, given the potentials for collision and other mishaps with Russian, American, and other nations’ air forces cavorting all over Syrian airspace, because of these new conditions both in the air and on the ground, perhaps these require a much more easily defined demarcation line between them. To that end the attached graphic annex, revised from a previous one, may now be a better approach for setting up such a no-fly/no-fire line, behind which a viable safe haven area can be established. That is using the Euphrates River as the physical line of demarcation for it, with everything northeast of it off limits to any Assad or ISIS actions; and, anything on the other side of it…open to appropriate action… by both Russian and American air assets.

At least with something of the sort set up behind that Euphrates line the so-called Free Syrian Opposition would then be able to consolidate and organize itself into a coherent entity, rather than just being a muddle of 20-odd factional parts, and then, talk of negotiating some sort of political “settlement” might make more sense.

That’s the reality of what we have in Syria today. A reality which we and the rest of the international community created because we collectively failed to provide it from the start with that “safe haven” from the Assad regime’s indiscriminate murderous assaults, and the equally criminal barbarities of the ISIS mob which grew out of that vacuum’s chaos.

To be blunt about it, so as long as the Syrian people are not protected from both of these thuggish entities the Free Syrian Opposition can never become a viable alternative to either of them, and there can never be a real resolution to the destruction and miseries they must endure.

As for Putin’s attempt to expand Russia’s role in that Syrian reality, Russia doesn’t have much of a positive record with such interventionist ventures…it failed in Afghanistan…it failed in Chechnya…it failed in Georgia…and it really isn’t doing too well in the Ukraine either. Partnering up with the likes of Assad and Iran might give it some temporary one-up-man-ship vis a vis the US, but sooner or later this adventure may actually end up costing it dearly.

Meanwhile, millions of Syrians are left to find whatever safe havens they can…wherever they can…as refugees…as their homeland more and more turns into a wasteland…filled with death and destruction.