(…allowing each to bomb whoever they want…while making sure neither ends up in each other’s rear-view mirrors…)

The recent Russian-American agreement to set up operating protocols for their respective air strike operations in Syria, is a classic example of the cynicism and hypocrisy which governs geopolitical interests whenever these find themselves providing proxy support for opposing sides…in the same place…at the same time.

In this instance, both Russia and the US appear to have defined mutually acceptable air-strike protocols ostensibly to prevent close encounters of the dangerous kinds between them. Essentially this is the equivalent of a dodgem bumper-car deal…allowing each to bomb whoever they want…while making sure neither ends up in each other’s rear-view mirrors.

This “arrangement” has the same redolent odor to that one made between Hitler and Stalin, when they signed a mutual “non-aggression” pact with each other before the start of WWII. It allowed Hitler to have a free-hand to gobble up Western Europe and the Balkans, and carved Poland in two between them. Of course, since there has never been any honor among thieves, they soon turned on each other, and the rest, as they say…is the history that we all know.

So here we have a bit of tacit collusion between Russia and the US, in this case, giving Czar Vladimir a free hand to turn the Assad regime into a wholly-owned puppet subsidiary to further expand Russia’s footprint of influence in the region, while allowing America to quietly complete the extraction of its tit from that region’s wringer…without a lot of political heartburn impacts on its upcoming presidential elections process. For all practical purposes America is ceding the field to Putin, and abandoning whatever friends and allies it still has there to shift for themselves…as best they can. There’s no way of telling how that will work out; but, we can predict this…there’ll be no “honor” for either Russia or the US to be gained from this deal.

Meanwhile, millions of Syrians will continue to desperately flee in all directions to seek refuge from these big-power geopolitical maneuvers, in the process overwhelming and destabilizing the European Union, and leaving most of the rest of the world in a fog of uncertainty.