(…from a bevy of Gabor genes)

Zsa Zsa Gabor just passed away a few days ago. Estimated to be 99 (maybe even 100) years old) she was the last of the glamour babes of yesteryear…which gave Hungarian women a reputation as the world’s main source of ravishing female beauties…with similar Gabor genes.

The Gabor line of beauties certainly made a strong case for that, starting with Mama Gabor herself besides her daughters Magda, Eva, and of course la Zsa Zsa. Magda and Eva, however, never seem to have opted to use those natural attributes to become part of the public acclaim of the Hollywood high life.

Our recollection may be faulty here, but from what we ever saw of her, in our view Eva had the edge when it came to claims of classy beauty, which is not to say that Zsa Zsa wasn’t, but for us, Eva had our vote on that score.

As for Zsa Zsa we have to say she was one very, very clever lady, who parlayed her natural feminine wiles and attributes to produce a very captivating public persona of being a glamorous air-headed sex goddess…the object of millions of males’ erotic dreams and fantasies of glory with her…doubling down on all of that, by successfully getting herself married eight times to what were once known as “sugar daddies.” Because of that, some folks of course wrote her off as just another “gold digger”, but that would be a wrong- headed perspective of her we believe. They were the pursuers, and she, just the pursuee who happened to be willing enough to be pursued…for the right proposition.

Like many other glamour babes, however, she was not what her public persona displayed. From all reports, privately, and behind all that glamour façade, she was very kind, generous, dedicated to family and friends, and very active in charitable work of one kind or another.

Sic Semper Gloria Mundi