(…by moving into a brave new world of hard-money corporate style governance)

When it comes to wanting “change”, we Americans tend to go to extremes by throwing the baby out with the bathwater to get it. The recent result of the presidential elections is a good example of that, reflecting our collective mood of discontent with the way things are with our country by which, in a fit of electorate pique with the establishment elites about that, we chose Donald Trump to be President-elect instead.

What this amounts to is that America is now taking a shot to transition from an era of super-nanny statism…by moving into a brave new world of hard-money corporate style governance…and looking at Mr. Trump’s choices to fill some of the top posts for his incoming administration…that’s what we’re likely to have for the next four years, with himself as Chairman/CEO and his cabinet members acting as his Board of Directors. How that will make things better for us all or not is hard to say. As far as we can foresee right now about all that may result from it is that the current One Percenter class may actually become a much broader and expanded one into a Two or Three Percenter class.

If so, the major impact of such a development would probably be to increase the levels of conspicuous consumption which, in turn, would require a more active economic machinery to support that consumption demand… meaning…many more jobs. That is, it will create a need for a much bigger working and middle class to supply the labor and services needed to support it all. In specific terms this simply means we will now have a larger oligarchic matrix from which the primary benefit for the rest of us will be having bigger and more gourmet crumbs left over from their feastings than what we’ve gotten from it before. Of course, Mr. Trump doesn’t mention what kind or what quality of jobs all of this might generate, but why quibble, jobs, are jobs, are jobs. So his claim that he can get the economy purring again (if not booming) may come to be a reality.

This raises the interesting question about how any of that will create a better level of income “equality” for the rest of us?

Well, if Mr. Trump and his corporate oligarchs have any real smarts (or possible genius) they might resolve that issue by adapting the late Louis Kelso’s concepts from his – Capitalist Manifesto – in which he advocated the advantages of two-value economics whereby workers were better able to convert their labor for only wages into a capital asset to achieve better “equity”. Among these were his proposals for ESOP/ CSOC plans (for which Congress previously provided enabling legislation, still extant), that is…employee stock option and community stock option plans.

In this version, however, the Trump Administration would establish an entity to be called USA Inc, in which every registered voter in the country would receive an initial free share allocation, and be allowed to purchase more to add to it, as able or willing to do so.

What this would mean is that every citizen registered voter would thus own a firm asset with a progressively appreciating value which would increase their individual net worth during their working lifetime, thereby assuring them a relatively comfortable retirement later on. In this process, whatever conflicts of interest from Mr. Trump’s wheeling and dealing might occur, these would all be nullified since everyone would be part of that “syndicated” establishment and getting a piece of his action as well. And, voila, the working and middle class would be saved, and “poverty” would largely be reduced, if not eliminated. We couldn’t hope to be more red, white, and blue…than that…because that would be the ultimate for our dreams of Mom’s Apple Pie and the American Way.

As for those folks still sobbing in their beers about these elections results, and convinced that once again, life has handed them lemons…can they think of a better way to make lemonade from such an outcome?