(…are in very short supply and have become a forgotten ideal)

The recent events in Berlin, Germany, and in Ankara, Turkey, along with the barbarities going on in Aleppo and other parts of Syria, all seem to point out that peace on earth and goodwill to all…are in very short supply and have become a forgotten ideal.

At this time of year especially, even though the religious aspects of the Christmas and Hannakha traditions have largely been submerged by the massive commercialization of these, one would think that even rabid zealots of one kind or another could put aside their virulent expressions of hatred for others…and take a time out from their murderous activities for the occasion.

The Berlin event is so similar in method to the earlier one used in Nice, France, that there is little doubt it isn’t an ISIS sponsored one. The assassination of the Russian ambassador to Turkey, however, seems to be more of a case of personal revenge and retribution for the Russian indiscriminate aerial bombing of civilians in Aleppo. In short, a sharp reminder to Mr. Putin that…as yee sow…so shall yee reap. Regardless of either motivation it still is a sad commentary on the state of our world today.

Well, perhaps a late former partner of ours once expressed it best…”Cheer up…there ain’t no Hell…we’re in it!”, but that’s small comfort for any who are indeed in it.

We can only hope that the coming New Year will, somehow, bring us all closer to more “heavenly” conditions.