(…in which the world turned upside-down and went to hell in the proverbial hand basket)

So long…and farewell 2016…you won’t be missed.

We’re closing out this topsy-turvy year…in which the world…turned upside-down and went to hell in the proverbial hand basket.

From our own wild and chaotic presidential election circus from which emerged one who may or may not become one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, to the multitudes of conflicts, murderous assaults, massive human waves in flight from destructions and terror (both natural and man-made), in almost every corner of this globe of ours, the year 2016 seems to have been the herald proclaiming the end of world order as we have known it.

From the looks of things our world appears to have moved into a new era. An era in which instead of nation-state so-called super powers, it will now be managed by a triumvirate of super-oligarchs, whose interactions and how well they manage these will determine whether we’ll have an era of peace and prosperity…or not.

While two of these gents still wear red underwear beneath their Prada suits, our third one, having long enjoyed owning just about anything worth having as a trophy, may have a slight edge on them, thus perhaps most likely to end up – primus inter pares – among them. More than likely, instead of conventional diplomatic “summit meetings”, their method of choice will be “making deals” while sharing vodka, caviar, shark fin soup, and prime rib roast, topped off with post-prandial brandy filled snifters and Cuban cigars, behind closed doors.

Well, such a method certainly seems more conducive for achieving peace and prosperity, than interminable round table talks and endless resolutions, combined with macho saber-rattling, missile displays, or other forms of demonstrating who is king of the hill. So in that sense, there may indeed be some real “change” in our future.

How much of that possible peace and prosperity the rest of us may have in that future, remains to be see.