(…as partisan payback politics now rules the day…)

Leading Republican members of the Senate’s Judiciary Committee, not to mention the majority leader himself…Senator McConnell, have categorically declared they will not even hold hearings for any nominee proposed by President Obama to fill the Supreme Court vacancy arising from Justice Scalia’s death. As far as we’re concerned that is dereliction of their duty, and a new low in American political warfare…as partisan payback-politics now rules the day.

The Republican posture on this issue is just one more instance of deliberate obstructionism against anything proposed by this Democrat President, regardless of its merits or benefit for the country as a whole. Thus, for the past eight years, we have had nothing but gridlock between the White House and the Congress, as they’ve continued with their childish tit-for-tat political games with each other, reflecting no credit on either party and largely explaining why the Congress is held in such low regard by the electorate. To be blunt about it they are all a disgrace to the institution, and by doing so, since the Congress represents us, they are also showing the contempt they actually have for the tax-paying voters of this country.

While the Republicans are failing us, this time around, let us not forget that back in 2008, when the Democrats reclaimed the White House, and also gained control of the Congress, they ran roughshod over the Republican minority by steamrolling legislation through as they much pleased. When the backlash from that hit them in the 2010 mid-term elections, and they lost that control of the Congress, the Republicans then began their payback obstructionism by blocking almost every proposal made by what they considered was an upstart President, who had somehow manipulated the new digital social media technologies to get elected (rather than admitting to latent racial antipathies as the real motive behind their behavior). What we’re seeing today is simply more of the same. Unfortunately we’re not very optimistic that the upcoming elections in November will change anything.

So long as we, the tax-paying voters, continue to blindly accept the blandishments of either side of this political duopoly nothing ever will change. It’s time we did something about it. That is: a) Start by only voting for more “independents” to both the House and the Senate. b) Adopt a personal voting policy of limiting House members to only 6 consecutive terms, and 2 consecutive terms for Senators.

Perhaps if more of us did so then real “change” might become a possibility.