(…with a relatively polite three-way dog and cat fight..)

So far this presidential election cycle has been dominated by a Republican three-ring circus show, featuring the manic antics of Trump the Hump as its clown-in-chief.

Just before Christmas the Democrats finally put on their own circus show…with a relatively polite three-way dog and cat fight. It was a modest one-ring affair, compared to the Republicans, in which a white-haired senator from Vermont gave a fiery performance as an irate evangelical reformer fulminating against everything that’s wrong with us…while hardly offering anything about how to make us right again.

Meanwhile, the former Madame Secretary, performed as a calm, cool, and collected feline, purring away with supreme indifference to such vehemence, while occasionally retorting with arched-back hissing and claws displays…just to show she was quite capable of ripping anyone to shreds…if it came to that.

As for the third performer in this show, the Governor from Maryland, it was hard to figure if he was trying to mimic being a German shepperd…just waiting for the right moment to charge in and straighten both of them out, and otherwise re-establish some semblance of good order in their acts. Other than that he didn’t do much else, and we’re not sure why he was even there beyond being a “filler” to just plump up and fill out the show.

Nevertheless we have to admit it had all the thought-provoking TV entertainment interest on par with such classics as – All In The Family – or – Barney Miller -, so it was not a complete waste of time.

We can’t wait to see what their next show will be like.