(…by an outrageous collective lack of integrity)

We’ve never been affiliated with either party of the political duopoly controlling of our government’s institutions, always voting as an “independent” tax payer instead. So our views about the current confrontation between President Obama and the Republican controlled Senate are completely detached from their partisan “pissing contest.”

Perhaps we’ve lived too long but we never thought we would live to see a claque of career politicos categorically refuse to perform their constitutional function, simply for political motives to obstruct any action or proposal made by this President, regardless of the merits of such proposals. It shows how both parties’ career politicos have collectively become morally bankrupt and lacking in integrity.

The President has nominated a highly qualified and greatly respected Federal judge to fill the current vacancy on the Supreme Court, a judge whom all parties have unequivocally acknowledged as being one of the best choices for having a balanced constitutionalist voice on the Court. Yet despite all of that, the Republican majority is adamantly refusing him the courtesy of even an open hearing much less an up or down confirmation vote…just because this President nominated him. A more disgusting example of extreme partisanship would be hard to find.

The Republican majority’s behavior is thus further diminishing the Senate’s standing by such an outrageous collective lack of integrity. Its specious excuses and explanation for…not wanting to add to the “toxic” environment of this year’s election process for President…and that it’s no different than what the Democrats would do (and have done)…are sophistries that would gag even a Jesuit. Apparently these latter-day political descendants of Lincoln’s Grand Old Party never heard about “taking the high road.”

As someone who gave both military and government service, with the imperatives of that service costing us a family (thus never able to watch our children grow up) not to mention the loss of too many comrades and friends along the way as well…makes it an extremely bitter thing to realize that we wasted a big part of our life doing so…just for this sorry kind of outcome. We can’t help but wonder how many others who have also so served…feel the same.

We believed in and devoted ourselves to duty, honor, and country. Career politicos apparently…do not.