(…and still loudly acclaimed by those intrigued with that idea)

The year 2016 may become a defining moment in our history. After some two hundred years of abiding by and believing in the ideals for popular self-government, we now seem bent on chucking it all in a fit of malaise and pique about the inadequacies of that self-government in support of our pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness…for a man who would be…Caesar… and still loudly acclaimed by those intrigued with that idea.

Of course, this is a reference to Mr. Trump who, so far, has shown that is indeed his outlook if he became President. Unfortunately, the alternatives offered by the Democrats are much the same, the only difference between them and Mr. Trump being…their demagoguery is slicker and less crude in style than his. Either way, both, are equally engaged in promoting class conflict, by openly pandering to various demographics of the electorate to create more division rather than unity of purpose. In short what this sort of strident political action is forcing us to do is to make a choice for either…greater authoritarianism on one hand, or, more intrusive regulation about how to run our lives…on the other., neither of which conform to or uphold the ideals which led to the creation of our nation.

Thus, our extreme discontent with the way thing are, is what is driving this readiness to abandon the carefully designed and delicately balanced system of governance our founders created for us, and, ready to stampede ourselves away from that traditional broad central mesa of cooperation, consensus, and compromise, right off its cliff edges…into the extreme depths of the canyons of the Left or the Right…when in reality most of us are neither but a mix of both. That is…somewhat “liberal” on social issues…and somewhat “conservative” on matters of governance and fiscal issues.

Compounding all of that are the tectonic shifts in our society’s composition, and the vast impacts new technologies are having upon it. We have become more diverse in that composition than ever before and all these new technologies are creating stresses and strains upon it never encountered before. It is therefore even more imperative today that we return to the former emphasis on assimilation into a common cultural matrix. That is, that we are all Americans first…and something else…second…regardless of what our backgrounds or circumstances may be. It really all boils down to this: do we want to remain a grand, multi-flavored pound cake of a nation…or just become another fruitcake of marginally combined and disparate elements…forever in conflict or contention with each other? We can but hope that common sense will guide us well in answering that question next November.