(…with apologies to Dr. Seuss)

The Belgian authorities have asked their people for help in tracking down that third member of the jihadist terror trio which struck their Brussels airport…the one they’re calling…the man in the hat.

While his other two partners in crime went ahead and blew themselves up, killing 16 people and wounding scores of others, this one was apparently reluctant to follow their example and, at the last moment, developed an acute case of “yellow back” and chickened out. A moment of cowardice for which we should all be grateful since the bag he was carrying would have had a bigger bang, so his moment of cowardice probably saved many more lives.

Which is not to say he or others like him are to be given any consideration for that. The insanity of their absolute disregard for the lives of completely innocent strangers, puts them and all their ilk beyond the pale of civilized societies, and whatever means used to track them down as the rabid creatures that they are is fully justified.

So now they’re hunting high and low for this surviving bad cat in a hat (with apologies to Dr. Seuss) and we hope their hunt will soon have successful results; but, if there’s a moral to all that it must be this: Whenever you’re hunting for a bad cat in a hat, make sure you’re carrying a really big and heavy…bat.