(through the extreme fringes in both parties…)

If some folks feel like the 2016 presidential election cycle is shaping up as an “American Spring”…they may not be too far off the mark.

As we’ve seen in many other parts of the world, here too, there is a massive rip tide of discontent with the status quo, and establishment career politicos of both of our parties are facing an outright voter “mutiny” because of it. In short, the silent majority is loudly growling its discontent with the way things are…through the extreme fringes in both parties. This has resulted with two political wild cards giving party bosses in both parties …heartburns.

With the Republicans an egocentric opportunist with a crude, rude, self-promoting, style has shrewdly ridden that rip tide of discontent to obliterate all other competitors to end up as that party’s presumptive “nominee” for President next November. All of which leaves the Republican Party’s leadership and much of its rank and file members not only at a total loss about what to do about it, but in a state of sheer panic about the possible consequences that could result from it.

With the Democrats, the same thing is also happening there, except that it is being done in a more civil, couth, and less offensive style, by an elderly senator from Vermont, who has managed to steadily erode a former First Lady’s presumptive lock on becoming that party’s nominee for next November, with his dogged, socialist cant, and constant rants against Wall Street fat cats. All of which also plays upon that rip tide of discontent among the voters. In essence, Senator Sanders is doing to the Democratic Party establishment, what Donald Trump is doing to the Republican Party establishment…rattling their cages and shaking them all up from their “business as usual” complacency. In short both of these wild cards are riding the anti-establishment mood of the electorate.

In that sense it is, indeed, an American Spring, but, frankly, while we wince at the thought of having either of these two elevated to that highest office in the country (for different reasons), as an unaffiliated and independent voter we’re glad to see it happening. Maybe now both of those “establishments” will see the writing on the wall, and realize that their days as an elite class of career politicos living fat while the rest of us have to make do with lean cuisine are over…and it’s time they quit maneuvering and posturing for personal political gain…and get serious about taking care of business for all the rest of us…not just themselves. The big question is, of course, are they smart enough to understand that…and more importantly…and can they mend their ways?