(…seems to be much ado about nothing)

Our country is in such a good shape that, from the President on down through various state legislatures, they apparently have nothing more serious to be concerned about than…what rest rooms are being used…and by whom.

This is very re-assuring to know, because, if that’s the most urgent concern needing their attention, our USA is indeed quite prosperous and secure, so, politicizing what should be a non-issue about –transgender- seems to be much ado about nothing. Then again, since this is a presidential election year, and neither party is offering much to cheer about, perhaps it’s their way of distracting our attention from that fact.

Of course, it may just be that we ourselves are not clear on the concept about what being – transgender – is all about. As best as we can figure out from all the gender classifications currently a la mode among the politically correct types of our society here’s what we’ve found: Most of us have our gender-circuits hardwired to be oriented to one specific gender or the other. Some have their gender-circuits mis-wired to be same-gender oriented. Others have their circuits cross-wired so they are gender-oriented either way. Lastly, there are those whose gender circuits are mis-matched to their actual physical forms at birth, who thus find themselves conflicted about what gender-circuit should be theirs.

Society has labeled these as – transgender – which, frankly, should be deserving of understanding if not sympathy, rather than opprobrium, because, not knowing what your gender should be and forced to choose one on your own, is a terrible burden for anyone to have to carry.

In any event we’ve yet to hear of any “transgender” person barging into a men’s rest room and loudly declare:”Hi, I’m a guy who used to be a gal!”, or conversely, barging into a women’s rest room to similarly declare:”Hi, I’m a gal who used to be a guy!” So the question we should be asking all those concerned politicos about such problems is…if they don’t tell…who’s going to ask them? Are all these concerned politicos now going to subject us to having rest room monitors checking our ID’s before allowing any of us in to take care of business? That smacks of “big-brother” on steroids to us.

Well, we smell the odor of a manufactured “issue” here. We’re not sure why but then the way things are we shouldn’t be surprised by it, after all, the guiding rule for career politicos these days is… anything for a vote…no matter how idiotic.

Blessed are the ignorant for they shall need no virtues.