(…and what might those qualifications for it be?)

There’s a lot of yammering going on right now about whether any of the currently proposed candidates for the Oval Office are “qualified” to be President. So who is best qualified to be President…and what might those qualifications be?

Of the lot, Donald Trump seems to have a lock on the title of…least qualified…although in some respects both Secretary Clinton and Senator Sanders could give him competition on that score. So perhaps it may be worthwhile to go over what are some of the key factors needed to be…qualified…for that office.

As we see it the top critical factor has to be that anyone running for that office has to clearly display they have a strong level of common sense over any kind of ideological rigidity. Simply put, that they are flexible…without being limp…about principle.

A second important factor is that they have a broad perspective and vision for our country as a whole, rather than being fixated on what may or may not benefit the interests of any part of it. In short, they are more concerned with promoting an emphasis on “unum” rather than just on crowing about “pluribus”.

Thirdly, that they have a clear understanding that the designers of our Constitution created a finely crafted blueprint for governance which elegantly and delicately balances the powers between the Federal and State authorities, thus anything that ignores or disturbs that balance between them…is detrimental to the overall political health of the nation.

Lastly, while the essence of a President’s leadership quality is the ability to effectively evaluate a situation, make a decision, and then take whatever action is needed, with as little self-doubt or hesitation as possible about doing so, yet, understanding that such decision-making must also be exercised in the context of being able to work with and persuade the Congress to support such action or actions. What this boils down to is that a President has to perform his/her function with a collegiate mindset…not an authoritarian one…if there is to be any hope of getting something done that needs doing.

Which leads us to ask… which of these candidates being offered us by these political parties has the most of these qualifying factors? That should be the guide for what we’ll have to decide in November.