(…after fifty-two years of hard labor…for love)

We’re not certain how we’ve managed it, but we’re quietly celebrating an anniversary…after fifty-two years of hard labor…for love.

To what extent that has fulfilled our lives is hard to say. It may be that we’ve just become like a pair of well-worn comfortable old shoes together. The kind one always turns to for the certainty of finding that comfort in the face of all those vicissitudes that life insists at throwing at us. And there have been plenty of those moments indeed. Moments when each of us probably felt and thought that those tender bonds that held us fast would simply give way…as our cultural differences would overwhelm and collapse the fragile edifice of our life together. Yet, somehow, whenever at the brink of such collapse, a small mutual gesture of some kind from each brought us back from such brinks.

So here we are today, a geriatric pair of Tiger-cat and T-Rex-dragon grown old together, still relatively clear of mind and hale of body, with only those minor creaks of age to annoy us, as together we share one of our few common delights for the occasion…one small bowl of old-fashioned butter-pecan ice cream, lightly drizzled over with a trickle of grand old cognac… with two spoons.

As the song says…love is grand the second time around…sometimes.