(…emerging from a low-ball political barrel)

As the primary phase of this year’s presidential election cycle draws to a close, it looks like we, the people, may have shot ourselves in our own feet. The intensity of our disgust with the status quo has been so strong we’ve allowed ourselves to be conned by the duopoly of the Democrats and the Republicans to accept their low-quality offerings…emerging from a low-ball political barrel…as our choices for next November’s elections.

Neither party is offering much to cheer about. As we said, we’re so intent on shaking up the so-called “establishment” that we’re ready to throw the baby out with the bath water…to do so.

That a blustering flim-flam marketing artiste (a very skilled artiste of the genre we might add) has been allowed to more or less steamroll his way into becoming the Republicans’ nominee for President, is beyond comprehension. And now, like over-boiled linguini, the political bosses of that party are all limply falling in line behind him. Who says money can’t buy anything?

As for the Democrats, their party hierarchs have also meekly gone along with her ladyship, the former Secretary of State, and erstwhile Senator from New York, to become their queen bee designate, despite the raves of a white-haired Senator from Vermont, and his rants as an old socialist coot. Despite her apparent lock on the nomination, he may yet end up as the disruptive contender for it when convention time arrives. All of which leaves us with the very depressing prospect of ending up facing a Sanders-Trump contest for the Oval Office. While not probable…it is still a remote (very remote) possibility, and that should be enough to scare the hell out of even the most irate Joe-SixPack voter.

But the most depressing aspect of this situation is that none of these contenders for that high office are making any effort to present some kind of clear and well-defined agenda for fixing what they believe needs fixing for our country’s further progress forward through this century. Instead they only mouth their usual ideological platitudes, and focus on taking potshots at their political opponents, to paint them as negatively as possible.

Let’s be honest with ourselves here…that’s not what we really want to hear from them. So why are we allowing them to do so? Why not bring them all up short by standing up at one of those rallies of theirs, and very loudly booing them every time one of them makes a negative crack about the other, and call for them to put up or shut up. That is to tell us what they are for…how they plan to go about it…and why…not what they’re against.

Well, there are a couple of “fail safe” options available to us tax-paying voters. Regardless of whom these two parties end up offering us for next November, we’re not bound to vote for either of those offerings. We can vote for whoever else is on that ballot, or even, write-in anyone else we might prefer. These might not do any better for us, but they sure as hell can’t do any worse. If enough of us tax-paying voters do so it may just be enough to deny that prize to either party. That might not help in fixing what needs fixing for the rest of us, but, it sure as hell would scare the crap out of all those career politicos sitting under the great big dome in Washington, enough perhaps to make them change their ways…and start doing what we elected them to do…taking care of the people’s business…not their own.

No, we ain’t smokin’ some of that California weed folks…we’re just saying…if we continue to act like a nation of sheep…we’ll end up being…a nation of sheep. And as we all know, there are only three things that one can do with sheep…clip their wool (tax them to death) …turn them into lamb chops…or… wear hip boots…and all these political shepherds of ours…have plenty of those.