(…is a well-meaning but misdirected aim at the wrong target…)

The President’s recent emotional pitch about gun violence in America, and his public announcement that he plans to use his executive power to bypass Congress to do something about it, mainly by ordering stronger background checks requirements for gun buyers, is well and good, but it largely ignores the reality of our societal values of today.

That is, we have a generation today which has grown up with an attitude of scofflaw incivility, combined with the nihilistic view that mindless violence is an acceptable way to settle issues or problems anyone may have with anyone else, even if these have no direct connection to such issues or problems. Firearms, of course, are thus the handiest means to use to exercise such violence.

It should also be noted here that many of the incidents the President used as justification for his decision, specifically the Newton, Connecticut, slaughter of innocent children, were committed by individuals who never had to buy a gun because they simply expropriated someone else’s legally obtained firearms for their purpose. Thus no matter how stricter background checks are applied, these will have little preventive effect in those instances.

So, an executive move to bring gun violence down to a dull roar…is a well-meaning but misdirected aim at the wrong target. The real target should be to have a much stronger collective effort at “re-educating” our youth about how such a general contempt and disregard for civil order, and the misguided notion that they have an unhindered right to explode in mindless violence, are not the solution for any personal problems.

Unfortunately too many of today’s youth are growing up without proper parental guidance in that regard, and worse, are immersed in a surrounding entertainment matrix where replicas of deadly firearms are considered appropriate “toys”, and video games glorifying mass firepower and slaughter are perfectly acceptable expressions of machismo, regardless of the consequences. Is it any wonder then that so many young minds become inclined to violence as a means of self-expression?

In our view, gun violence in America is a symptom of such deteriorating values. Granted, making accessibility to guns more difficult might help…somewhat…but until we make some serious efforts to change such attitudes among our youth that’s just practicing symptomatic medicine…not aiming for a cure.