(…in the city of brotherly love…for the Queen Bee designate of their hive)

After a rocky start, and some raucous wrangling plus a minor scandal or two, which left all the delegates uncertain about what to do, the party hierarchs did manage to bring most of the recalcitrant Sanders delegates who were rocking the convention’s boat more or less back into the fold, and re-establish some semblance of order to the proceedings.

Following that first chaotic day’s turmoil things then settled down to the serious business of preparing for the eventual “coronation” of the party’s choice to be their candidate for the presidency in next November’s elections.

To accomplish all that, and to show the general body politic that, unlike the Republicans, theirs was a unified and coherent party, they then proceeded to turn their convention into a populist love-in…in the city of brotherly love…for the Queen Bee designate of their hive with a parade of ever more emotional, ever stronger forms of adulation extolling all her virtues while hardly mentioning any of her possible flaws.

There was also hardly any reference to the Republican Party or its choice of contender, Donald Trump. When these were mentioned or referred to, however, in contrast to Mr. Trump’s, their rhetoric was certainly less coarse and crudely partisan in tone, even almost genteel and couth in the way it was applied. It was a calculated and deliberate effort to emphasize the radical difference between the two parties.

Several high profile personalities made that possible. The first and probably the strongest voice to recommend Hillary Clinton was that of Michelle Obama, the current First Lady of the land. The second was that of Vice President Biden, whose long emotional and fulsome praises for her, and optimistic views of the future with her at the helm, brought the entire convention to a roaring standing ovation (although we’re not certain that was fully for her, and more for him). This was then followed by President Obama himself who, despite a somewhat long and pedantic dissertation, also did a creditable job of promoting her value as the party’s nominee.

Eventually, of course, the Queen Bee herself made her appearance, presented her own appeal to them all, and was finally acclaimed with a grand ovation, to conclude the event.

Well, while nothing really new was presented for us to become enthused about, at least the Democrats did finish on a more inspirational tone than the Republicans did. Even so, we, the tax-paying voters of this land, are now left with the unappealing option of having to make a choice between Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dumb next November. Que lasgrima!