(…apparently prove that ignorance is bliss when it becomes an issue)

Donald Trump’s recent comments about the second amendment…if Hillary is elected the judges she’ll appoint will do away with it…show that he’s either truly ignorant about our Constitution’s provisions or simply ignoring them on purpose, just to stampede as many voters as he can to vote for him next November. All of which further suggests he has the greatest disdain, even contempt, for those very same voters he’s trying to influence by such remarks…believing them to be as ignorant as he is about the issue.

The reality is…even if the Supreme Court were packed with so-called “liberal” justices, the only way the Second Amendment could be set aside would be by a new amendment to do so, but, to get that would require two thirds of both houses of Congress to agree to propose such an amendment in the first place, plus three fourths of all our States to concur, before that could become law to replace the existing Second Amendment…and they would have up to seven years to conclude the process. So Mr. Trump’s wrong-headed comments about the Second Amendment apparently prove that ignorance is bliss when it becomes an issue.

Lastly, Mr. Trump further ignores the fact that even if Mrs. Clinton were to be elected, and regardless of what kinds of justices she proposed for the Court, every one of them would have to be confirmed by the Senate. So unless the Democrats also achieved a majority to control that body, the odds are that her nominees would receive the same treatment President Obama’s nominee received from the currently Republican controlled Senate.

Such are the Byzantine convolutions of American politics.