(…from booze-fuelled aggression and violence)

It seems both amateur and professional athletic personalities, of one kind or another, keep popping up in the daily news cycle because of some kind of felonious misbehaviors…from booze-fuelled aggression and violence.

Apparently, they can be the best in their field of sport, but are the least capable when it comes down to controlling the effects of the hard stuff on themselves, effects ranging from drunken driving, senseless brawling, domestic violence, physical assaults on others, to even murder…a litany of anti-social and uncivilized incidents too numerous to list here.

What is it about being part of the sporting life which gives some of its participants a sense of license to act out as they please, as if just because they’re part of that milieu they’re therefore somehow not bound by society’s norms of proper conduct? We don’t know the answer to that, but there’s obviously something missing in the basic foundation of such sport personalities’ characters which leads them to act that way.

Name almost any field of sport and some member of it, even if only of modest acclaim, pops up plastered all over the news media, because of some kind of drunken episode. It’s enough to make one wonder if being a sports jock somehow triggers an inherent –Conan the Barbarian – gene, whenever alcohol comes into play.

Perhaps that’s not the case (even if it appears so). People react to alcohol’s effects in many different ways. Much depends on how their genetic makeup metabolizes it, and the volume and rate of intake of it in a given period of time. That seems to be the key to how anyone will behave under alcoholic influence. Some just become “happy drunks”, others just turn mean and combative, and still others are the “sleepy drunks” who quietly…just pass out.

In any event one would think that those who are part of the sporting life should realize that misuse of alcohol can not only affect their sporting skills…it can also destroy their sporting careers and the financial gains derived from it as well. Most are smart enough to understand that and so avoid it. Unfortunately, too many others apparently…don’t.

Then again all of this may simply be more a matter of our American cultural history…when hard drinking and brawling were the hallmarks of true… machismo…and such incidents are simply the residues of it remaining with us today.