(…to go with your Fake News?)

There are a lot of outrageous scam operations going on in this world of ours today, but the one we’ve just come across as a small sidebar news report from a legitimate newspaper source takes the cake. In fact it’s so outrageous it deserves the equivalent of a Nobel Prize as a most creative in-your-face case of hutzpah.

Apparently, right in the heart of Ghana’s capital city, a very enterprising criminal Ghanaian and Turkish criminal combine set up a very sophisticated operation there using a fake US Embassy to issue bogus visas for $6000 to scam folks desperately seeking one for entry to the US. Even more incredible is that they managed to operate their scam for nearly a decade without coming to the attention of either the Ghanaian authorities or American officials from our real embassy there.

While the possibility that Ghanaian authorities turned a blind eye to their operation due to corruption (an endemic condition in many countries from that region), that American State Department foreign service pros did not become aware of it also…is hard to understand. After all, Ghana’s capital city is not that large of an urban complex, and the international diplomatic community there is a relatively close and tight-knit one. General gossip and rumors of it would have surely popped up about it at one of those many functions and receptions so common among such diplomatic communities. At the very least intelligence operatives of one kind or another should have gotten wind of it and zeroed in on it.

This raises serious questions about the alertness and competence of our Foreign Service personnel we have these days. A more critical concern, however, should be to wonder how many other such fake embassy impersonations of other countries might have been operating as well. It undermines the validity of all countries’ diplomatic missions.

Well, perhaps from now on the standard question asked in this globalized world of ours is going to be: “Y’wanna side order of Fake Embassy…to go with your Fake News?”