(…which may be why so many folks today aren’t sure about who they should be)

We came across a recent TV ad for one of those ancestry research outfits, in which a smiling middle-aged woman exclaims how thrilled she is because she’s discovered she has a wide range of origins in her ancestry, and, how now if she is asked what her “nationality” might be…because of all that mixed heritage she gleefully claims “other” as her choice.

We don’t know who the producers of this ad are, but they evidently aren’t clear about the difference between “nationality” and “ancestry.”

We’re sorry to have to say this but this is another example how our emphasis these last few decades on our “diversity” has led us down the wrong kind of identity path. America… is a Heinz fifty seven variety ketchup nation…which may be why so many folks today aren’t sure about who they should be. They’ve forgotten the meaning of our national motto…E Pluribus Unum. In short maybe we need to re-examine such ideas by focusing less on “pluribus” and spend a hell of lot more of it on “unum.” That may help us better overcome all those de-unifying impulses our society faces today.

All of us are the end product of a mix of different heritages, and, just like ketchup, that’s what makes up the unique “flavor” we have as a people. Nevertheless, regardless of what all those heritages might be, and no matter how much pride we each can and should have in them, we have to understand that we all have to be “Americans” first…and something else …second…or we’ll simply no longer be…Americans.

So the next time someone asks you…what’s your nationality…without hesitation just grin very broadly and say…well, just like ketchup, I’m uniquely…American!