(so why allow it to remain in power behind the shield of so-called…sovereignty?)

The latest use of chemical munitions against civilians is yet another crime against humanity in the Syrian civil war. While it has yet to be determined just exactly who is responsible for such an attack, the fact that the agent used appears be Sarin gas suggests the odds are it was used by one of the Assad regime’s military units.

Given what’s been going on in Syria for the past five years, however, we shouldn’t ignore the possibility that because of the chaotic conditions there, there is also the possibility that one of the anti-Assad groups somehow got its paws on such munitions and decide to use them at this particular moment against that particular place. That’s not a very likely scenario, frankly, mainly because they would have little motive for using such horrific stuff against any of their own folks. The other factor of consideration is that such munitions are dicey and do require specifically trained personnel with the know-how to safely handle and use them. Such personnel are not likely to be among the rebel groups fighting the regime. Lastly, unless these particular munitions used came from a cache of them lost by the regime’s military during one of the many seesaw fights during this time, the only forces with both access and training on how to use them are still with the Assad military establishment.

All of which points back directly to the Assad regime as the most likely culprit in this case.

There is also another aspect to this sorry episode which supports the premise that the Assad regime is responsible for this barbarous act, and it relates to the forgotten missing WMD stockpiles formerly in the hands of the late Saddam Hussein Ba’athist regime.

We know that Saddam’s regime had them, and had used them, both against the Kurds, and the Marsh Arabs populations. Further, that for more than three years he played cat and mouse games with the international inspection teams sent by the UN to locate them, and lastly, when the invasion of Iraq was imminent because of its ravages against Kuwait, Saddam issued a field order to his commanders…to use these should the coalition forces attack. Yet, when Iraq was invaded and quickly finished off in an almost surgical blitzkrieg operation, and the Saddam regime collapsed like an over-puffed soufflé…they were nowhere to be found.

Where then did all those stockpiles of WMDs, mainly chemical ones, disappear to?

What we do know is that a mass of hard-core Saddam Ba’athist Party supporters fled to Syria, with as much of their personal loot and other assets, military weapons and equipment, as they could carry off. Much of that weaponry, including those chemical munitions, were of Russian origin, supplied to Saddam, back in the day when Moscow and Bahgdad were pals.

While the Assad regime also had similar ties with Moscow, and at that time was not known to have such WMD stockpiles. Yet, suddenly, by a strange coincidence, it did. Since it was also a Ba’athist Party supported regime, it’s thus not inconceivable that the stockpiles of these chemical WMDs which were later the subject of a great international outcry…were part of what the Iraqi Ba’athists had brought with them after seeking asylum in Syria. Subsequently, when it was arranged to have those munitions exported out of Syria, one of the key countries involved with handling their disposal and destruction was none other than…Russia.

Obviously, the Assad regime didn’t get rid of all of them, since it has used these on several occasions since then. To what extent any of that is the main reason why Putin’s Russian regime continues to support the Assad regime, we can’t say, but it is certainly something to consider and to call President Putin to account for it.

As for taking any meaningful action against the Assad regime, while military strikes of one kind or another can be done, under the circumstances, we doubt these would be much of a deterrent. We believe there are much more effective sanctions to be applied against it, and rather than just attempting to obtain yet one more useless Security Council condemnation, the United States might better apply its influence and “leverage” through the UN’s Assembly.

That is, to specifically urge all UN members to unilaterally immediately suspend, if not withdraw their diplomatic relations with the Assad Regime. With that, also shut down all air and other means of international travel and communications with it, as well as all international financial services and transactions as well. To those who might object to such draconian sanctions let them be asked this question: The Assad regime has lost whatever legitimacy it ever had…so why allow it to remain in power behind the shield of so-called… sovereignty?