(playing extreme partisan games with each other just for a few cheers from sideline cliques)

If anyone had any doubts that our country is fast going to hell in a hand basket, the way the members of our Congress and the White House are doing business in Washington these days should disabuse them of that.

What we have there right now is a bunch of April’s fools…playing extreme partisan games with each other just for a few cheers from sideline cliques…of one kind or the other. For those with perhaps a more generous perspective about how all those “honorables” should be working for us, a more kindly description of their behavior might be to say…yeah…all the oil may be in Texas…but all our dipsticks…are in DC!

The most glaring example of that can be seen in what happened with the Health Care Bill in the House, and, the current Senate partisan maneuvers and wrangles over the nomination of Judge Gorsuch for the Supreme Court, with individual senators being televised fulminating against it which, even with relatively tight shots, there appears to be a nearly empty chamber around them (perhaps explaining why there are no wider angle shots when they do so). They are not debating the merits of the case. They’re simply grandstanding to impress special constituents in their home states.

A similar display occurs in the House of Representatives on every issue up for debate there. Thus the only time we ever see a full view of either chamber is when there is an up or down vote going on. Even then, such views of it are so short as to be nearly subliminal.

Such is the way the so-called “people’s business” is conducted these days.

Well, less we forget, we’re the ones who have put them in office there, and who keep on keeping them there over, and over, and over, and over, for years. So what else should we reasonably expect to get from that?

Nope, sorry folks, but all those April fools and dipsticks aren’t in DC at all, they’re right out here…in voter-land.