(…which is bugging the hell out of everyone!)

The world seems to be stuck these days on a never-ending carousel ride of economic and political instabilities, along with a host of petty and extremely vicious armed conflicts all over the place which can only be characterized as just being gang rumbles about dominance or loot. All of that spiced up with dashes of sectarian driven inanities.

So it’s no wonder there’s such a doomsday mood these days, with everyone saying…never mind O’Reilly…it’s our anxiety factor stupid…which is bugging the hell out of everyone!

None of this is new of course. We’ve been through similar episodes before, some, perhaps a hell of a lot closer to that “midnight” than we are today. At the time, the old Kingston Trio had a very a propos song about it some of its lyrics being…”they’re starving in Africa, and rioting in Spain…and here in America…Texas needs rain…” with the rest of it ending with the happy thought we’d all be blown away…on a mushroom-shaped cloud, etc., so folks were even more jittery about things then than they are today.

There are several new factors involved today, however, which may explain why this era’s situation seems even more dicey than before. We’re referring of course to the following:

  • That Pyongyang dingbat named Kim in North Korea.
  • That international criminal cartel named DAESH/ISIL
  • That Damascus Mob’s hit man named Assad in Syria
  • That Moscow new Czar named Vladimir in Russia
  • That loose cannon named Donald in DC

Their collective behavioral unpredictability is what’s keeping us all on edge and, frankly, other than asking for a medical marijuana prescription to calm ourselves, there’s not much we can do about it.

So we think it worthwhile to reissue something which we produced some thirty odd years ago, just to keep things in perspective. We’re attaching it as a slide show annex to this issue.





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