(…they haven’t bothered to identify all the major contributing players in it)

Beyond the fact that our Climate Change-Global Warming evangelicals ignore the cyclical nature of that process, they also seem to overlook the fact that in their global warming blame game they haven’t bothered to identify all the major contributing players in it. As a result we continue to get a distorted and misleading picture of our situation, focused on preventing something we can’t prevent, rather than on how best to adapt to the impacts of the changes that process is and will continue to produce.

We think we’ve identified what may be the heaviest contributor in that game…and it’s not all those industrial and other carbon emitting sources they’re so adamant on blaming for our global warming situation.

If our old-style arithmetic computations are correct (keeping in mind we’re one of those who have to take their boots off to count to twenty) then perhaps what we’ve come up with here may produce a less distorted perspective about the issue. What those computations suggest is that the heaviest contributor of CO2 emissions is nothing less than our population of 7 Billion humans on board planet-ship Earth.

It took a bit of Googling research but here’s why we’re saying so:

  • At rest the average human respiratory cycle is 12 breaths/minute
  • With each breath each human emits .5 grams of CO2/breath
  • Multiply that by 12 and each human thus emits 6 grams of CO2/minute
  • Multiply that by 7 Billion humans and we get +/- 42 Billion grams CO2/minute
  • Divide that by 1000 grams and we get +/- 42 Thousand metric tons CO2/minute
  • Multiply that by 60 we then get +/- 2.52 Billion metric tons CO2/hour
  • Take that result and multiply it by 24 we then get +/- 60 Billion metric tons CO2/day
  • Multiplying that result by 365 we end up with +/- 22 Trillion metric tons CO2/year

Twenty two Trillion metric tons is a lot of annual CO2 tonnage contribution, which leads us to ask: How does that compare in volume to that of the combined industrial and other CO2 emissions? Well, even if our computations are off (as we said…need to take our boots off to count to twenty) it still leaves us with this less than happy conclusion, which is…if we want to restore good old planet-ship Earth’s CO2 equilibrium…we may have to seriously consider doing away with the entire human race. It’s either that or…making colonizing Mars a matter of even greater urgency if we want our species to survive.