(…by another mad-dog rampage of mayhem and slaughter…)
The recent suicide bomber attack in Manchester, England, was murder most foul…by another mad-dog rampage of mayhem and slaughter.
It once again makes clear that the world community faces a continuing threat from what can only be described as a criminally insane collective calling itself ISIS. A collective having no redeeming social value of any kind while hiding behind the banner of “religious faith” to rationalize such insanity.
Terror serves no useful purpose when applied in such a multitude of incoherent ways, by using brain washed lone wolf type individuals to create it. It simply hardens the resistance of those subjected to it, and gains nothing for those who seem bent on using it to achieve whatever goals they want. Inciting misguided individuals to do their bidding this way may be a low cost low tech means to promote an erstwhile “cause”, but ultimately it is bound to fail simply because there are only so many “nut jobs” available out there ready to immolate themselves that way for it. In short ISIS neither gains nor is it able to hold on to anything by using such tactics. These are simply the desperate scorpion like tail stings of a failing movement which has decided that if it can’t achieve its goals, then it must cause as much damage and pain to its opponents as possible before…dying.
In the face of such an insane mindset the world community’s only means of self-defense is to regard all ISIS adherents, sympathizers, and would-be “fighters” as much of a menace as any other viral infection which could set off a pandemic…and react accordingly. So it’s time the world community ceased calling this DAESH/ISIS mob “Islamic extremists” and call it what it really is…an international criminal organization…whose only aim is to use murder, extortion, and pillage, as a means of gaining power and wealth for its principals…and… having every cleric of that faith also denounce it as defaming that faith and thus subject to universal -FATWAH- by all sects of that faith.
Only then will everyone’s lives be able to return to what passes for…normality.