(…by the acute eruptions of nationalistic fevers everywhere)

Recent summit conferences with NATO, the G7, and the G20 countries clearly show that we have come to the end of an era, with the fragmenting of our internationalist matrix…by the acute eruptions of nationalistic fevers everywhere.

In consequence, what we now see developing is a retrograde scramble of extreme self-interest to be as dominant as possible in the new globalized matrix replacing it, or, at least, to carve out as comfortable a niche as possible within it. This has parallels to and resembles those colonialist scrambles of the last century…displaying the same kind of extreme rhetoric and saber rattling which ultimately led to two devastating world wars.

Ironically, the mainstays of the internationalist matrix created after WWII and the dismantling of remnant colonialist interests, Great Britain and America, are now the first ones who seem to have succumbed to those nationalistic fevers…Britain with BREXIT… and the USA with America First…and by their example…unleashing everyone else to follow suit…with the consequence that this brings everyone ever closer to another apocalyptic world conflict which could annihilate us all in the process.

Adding to such a bleak perspective for the future, there are a number of rogue states and other entities (North Korea, Iran, somewhat rogue again Russia, ISIS, etc.) taking advantage of the situation to pursue their own ends with relative impunity, because all those international means to maintain general order and stability have become impotent in their capacities to apply any effective constraints against such behaviors. Thus, in that context, Mr. Trump’s recent speech in Warsaw, proclaiming that Western culture was under assault, was much too narrow a viewpoint about the situation. The reality is that the world’s entire culture and civilization is under assault from hordes of barbarians at all of its gates, not just those of the West.

Well, perhaps it’s too much to expect that sanity and common sense might prevail, and that an antidote can quickly be found to counter all such nationalistic fevers before it’s too late; but, given our human propensity for self-destruction (viz. the historical record), we’re not very optimistic we’ll be able to do so.

The only consolation we can take away from such a scenario is that…if we do manage to wipe out the entire human race this way…at least Earth is likely to become green again, and the only and loveliest creature to be seen upon it will be…the Unicorn.