(…of possible Russian connections of the venal kind)

The latest news disclosing the President’s young son’s positively responding to contacts initiated by Russian operatives, resembles a dripping faucet, which no plumber’s spin-work can fix. It’s just ever more revelations…of possible long standing Russian connections of the venal kind up to…and since…the 2016 election campaign.

The most disturbing aspect about it all is that it’s distracting this new Administration’s focus from what should be its main purpose…providing us all with a reasonably effective governance over our lives and pursuits.

But that’s not happening, because that lack of focus is not producing effective Executive orchestration of the Congressional machinery to have properly debated and well-reasoned legislative actions to fix what needs fixing, or improve what needs improving. That’s no way to make any country “great again” but is just displaying the character of a banana republic instead.

As for the current clamor about how this clearly shows meddling in our internal affairs by Czar Vladimir and his Kremlinites, there is little doubt about that, the only question about it being…to what end?

It’s on that point that we don’t subscribe to the theory that such meddling was solely motivated to try to subvert our democratic process for geopolitical purposes…although that aspect should not be completely discounted. Instead, what seems to be involved here is a rather murky pool of venal interests related to both Trump real estate projects and Miss Universe pageant in Russia, and previous Clinton speaking engagement events for the benefit of the Clinton Foundation. In short, what it’s really all about is…money…and into whose pockets it should flow…rather than any geopolitical skullduggery motives to favor one candidate for President over another.

The important thing to recall and understand here is that Mr. Putin and his fellow Commissars of the former Soviet Union were all “miraculously” transformed into oligarchs from its demise, and as such, have managed to maneuver their way to have full control of the economic and political levers of power in Russia since that time. Thus, any outside or foreign interests attempting to do business there has had to deal with them on those terms.

It’s in that context that any kind of “connections” by either Trump or Clinton interests with them should be viewed. However, once both Trump and Clinton entered the main political arena of our presidential elections, Mr. Putin and his fellow oligarchs were then forced to change their calculus about which one offered better potentials for further “profitable” relations if elected. Evidently, and despite his loose cannon character, Mr. Trump was deemed the better prospect for that, and, as is now being increasingly revealed, they went to work accordingly. Which perhaps better explains their apparent manipulations to achieve that result.

To what extent there was any kind of actual collusion or even conspiracy between such Russian interests and the Trump campaign remains an open question and anyone’s guess, but there is a definite odor that there was an intent to favor a Trump election over a Clinton one.

If all of this seems too bizarre and an extremely Byzantine convolution of motivations to be clearly understood…welcome to the club…or…as one of those California Valley Girls from the ‘60s might have exclaimed about it all…well gag me with a spoon!