(that’s because right now…we’re nowhere)

There doesn’t seem to be any kind of coherence with the Administration we have in Washington. Everything seems to be an ad hoc approach to governance. So, if you’re uncertain about where we’re headed (and even less clear in your mind about where we’ve been) that’s because right now…we’re nowhere.

The main reason for this is because of those continuing distractions caused by all those supposed Russian connections. Connections which appear to have a stronger and stronger bad smell coming from them at us every day.

Meanwhile, a lot of things that need fixing, and much that could be improved for us tax-paying voters, isn’t getting done…and from the looks of things…are not likely to get done. That’s not a very encouraging prospect for our future.

Meanwhile, erstwhile friends, are wondering what the hell is going on with us, while others not so friendly to us, are licking their chops and speculating about what and how much they can get away with while we’re in this stumblebum condition.

Sorry, folks, but America ain’t looking too beautiful right now, and we can’t help but wonder if, and when, it might at least not have to wear a bag over its face, so everyone’s clocks won’t be stopping anymore.

Well, we’re only 18 months away from when we can maybe reset things more to our liking; then again, there are now whispers floating about with some folks out there, urging us to go for the “impeachment” option instead.

We’re not partial to that notion…but…as that old Kenney Rogers CW song put it…we’re in a situation where we may need to…know when to hold them, and know when to fold them.