(…just because it’s there…)

One of the consequences of the development of the digital universe in which we live in today, is the advent of so-called Social Media, and its TWITTER WORLD, in which anyone, anywhere, can spew out endless flows of inane and mindless “tweets” having little or no redeeming social value of any kind…about anything.

In many ways constant “tweeting” has the same characteristics of an opioid addiction. Once experienced, its users are hooked and all a-twitter for it…just because it’s there…and because its most pernicious addictive feature being that it allows them to indulge in all sorts of bullying and denigrating of others…from behind the cloak of anonymity with almost total impunity.

Of greater concern, however, is that this social media technology now empowers any would-be demagogue with a better and more rapid means of manipulating the minds of masses of people…to stampede them like frightened cattle or sheep…in whatever direction suits their purpose, even if that direction is not only wrong, but can lead them straight over a cliff to their collective destruction.

If this is a too bleak and Orwellian perspective about this technology, that’s its reality. A reality which cannot be ignored. All we can say about those whose might refuse to accept such a reality is to point out…they’re the kind of folks who will always don green glasses… to look at roses.


Cartoon Issue No.67