(…just call 911-US Marines…to fix the problem)

It appears the President has finally realized that…when you’re in need of order from chaos…just call 911-US Marines…to fix the problem…and thus appointed Marine General Kelly as his new Chief of Staff to straighten out and establish some semblance of proper governance at the White House.

While bringing in someone with General Kelly’s reputation to do that should certainly help to discipline and shape up all the various internal squabbling factions, which have been the cause of much of that chaos, to really fix the problem the good general should consider the likelihood of needing to bring in a couple of hard-nosed Marine boot camp “Gunnies”/DI’s to help corral the President himself…to also toe the line. But even with a couple of those to help him out with such a task…that wouldn’t be easy.

In any case, while this is an encouraging development, we won’t hold our breath about how that will succeed in bringing about the order and coherence we hope it will accomplish.

Well, although we were Army, we’ve always admired and had a soft spot for our Marine brothers-in-arms (ever since we first encountered them when we were only 12 years old, and temporarily adopted as a mascot by a Marine detachment). So, if anyone can do this particular job, General Kelly should be able to give us a…mission accomplished…result.

We certainly hope so because, of all the hard-fought battles the Corps has had to face, this one will probably be…the hardest one in its history.