(with wild rhetoric of the explosive kind)

In a rare moment of unanimity (probably the first ever in its existence) the UN Security Council condemned North Korea’s continuing attempts to become a nuclear power with ICBM capabilities, by imposing further restrictive sanctions on it…hoping that will induce it to cease and desist from such efforts.

Apparently stung by such a public collective censure from the international community, and blaming the US as the primary influence behind it, North Korea’s Kim Jung Un’s reaction to this has been an outburst of defiant roaring’s…with wild rhetoric of the explosive kind.

Unfortunately, President Trump has retorted in kind, which does nothing to calm things down in this situation, and leaves us with the prospect of more trans-Pacific vituperations to follow, along with the very queasy feeling that when a paranoid nut job tries to upstage an egocentric narcissist, and vice versa, the odds are the world could end up with a very big, bad…BOOM!

All of which reminds us of that old saying…never argue in public with an idiot…bystanders won’t be able to tell which one…is which.