(…or how to cash in on pollical controversy)

A lot of folks are wasting their time with all sorts of “resistance” and/or “protest” about President Trump’s method and style as President.

Berkleyites (including their university mentors) are continuing with their shouting down of any opinions or perspectives which they deem undesirable, making a mockery of their claims of being upholders of the right of free speech. Meanwhile, sports types are fussing and fuming about the President’s recent rants related to respect for the anthem and flag of this great republic of ours. While still others are out there hooting and hollering in protest about anything whatever.

Frankly, they’re all missing the boat…except for someone, or a group, who has recently come up with a merchandising idea that’s pure…genius! They call it THE TRUMPY BEAR. It’s a slightly overstuffed teddy bear, complete with an orange hair piece which can be “styled” to match its namesake, and, with a secret zippered section on its back from which one can pull out what looks like a neat flannel blankee to wrap around oneself in the bright and warming colors of…Old Glory! All for only $19.95 (plus tax of course)

Well, there have been all kinds of kooky items for sale over the years…the Hoola Hoop, Pet Rocks, Ninja Turtles, Chia Pets (stuff you could rub onto a Chihuahua to make it look like a ChiTzu), and so on. Each being the latest craze for a moment, at least long enough so their creators were all able to make a bundle and head for Margaritaville. The Trumpy Bear seems to be another one of those crazes which will do the same.

Of course, we don’t know if the somewhat spoofy TV promos for it are meant to be just that…as a form of “protest”, or, if it’s just a bunch of slick operators attempting to make a quick bundle by cashing in on political controversy.

Then again, all those folks who believe conspiracies are the only explanations for anything, will be firmly convinced that, because the midterm election cycle for 2018 is about to start, the Trumpy Bear has to be some kind of political ploy or skullduggery either for or against President Trump (and originating from our Russian, Iranian, or North Korean friends, you betcha). Others are probably wondering if it’s a very sly way for Kutchner & Co. to make a bit of extra pocket money for themselves…while big daddy is still in office.

Who knows, but, given our exquisite American expertise at figuring out how to make a fast buck out of all sorts of situations…we’re more inclined to favor that as the most probable motivation. After all, entrepreneurship, has always been the key to our nation’s success.

Ain’t America grand!