(hi…ho…hi…ho…to dealie-oh…it’s off to Asia we go…)

Despite growing rumbles of more troubles to come from the investigation into his campaign’s connections with Russia’s meddling in the 2016 elections, the President is off on a two-week presidential “progress” through some key capitals of Asia, particularly to Beijing, where…presumably… his deal-making “expertise” will attempt to forge stronger collective counter measures against North Korea’s belligerent and disruptive behavior, as well as explore ways to reformulate more favorable trans-Pacific trade deals for the US.

It’s a tall order…nevertheless…he will no doubt be received with all the grand pomp and circumstance his Asian hosts are so adept at producing for such occasions, to properly stroke any narcissistic ego buttons such a special visitor might have. Of these, Beijing’s reception will be the grandest and most “stroking” of all since China’s President Ping has now firmly consolidated his power there…making the occasion the perfect opportunity to emphasize how China is now part of a new geopolitical world order, as the pre-eminent member of a triumvirate of influence and power composed of China, Russia, and the USA. An order of precedence indicating their relative positions of influence and power within it.

To what extent such a “triumvirate” of power and influence will become a working reality is hard to say at this moment. While they have some mutual interests, particularly with regard to economic relations between them, it remains to be seen if they will be able to work out various conflicts and irritants where their respective spheres of influence tend to collide.

But the real problem working against the development of such a stabilizing geopolitical arrangement is the fact that only two of them have absolute power at home, whereas the third one, that is the US, does not, mainly because the American architecture of governance prevents it. Thus, President Trump, or any other President for that matter, will be in the weakest position of influence within such a triumvirate reality, because his grasp on the levers of economic and political power at home will always be short term…compared to theirs. So, any real results from such an excursion are not likely to be quite what we might want them to be.

Still, going off to Asia to deali-oh is a good way to “show the flag” so to speak…even if all we might get out of it is some very tasty…Sushi in Japan, great Kim Chi in South Korea, Peking Duck in China, Balut in the Philippines, and Spring Rolls and Pho in Vietnam.

You can’t get a better cross-cultural exposure than that.