(…are much like poisonous toadstools of violence to be found in any society’s matrix)

The latest mass killing in a small Texas community’s church is a clear indication that there is something drastically wrong with our society today.

Conflict and violence, in one form or another, have always been part of our nation’s history, but these have usually been driven by motives relating to disputes over land and property, money, or personal confrontation between the parties directly involved…and rarely involved anyone else unrelated to such conflicts. Thus, we acquired a tradition of using violence to settle such matters…glamorized and romanticized in our national psyche…from the tales about those frontier days of the Wild West, when the only “law” was the law of the gun, and proficiency with it gave a person a kind of status.

Unfortunately, the glamorizing and romanticizing of that tradition did not stop with the end of those frontier and Wild West days, but continued on into our early 20th century era of the so-called Roaring Twenties and the Prohibition period of the 1930’s…where gangsters and hoodlums fought it out between each other and our evolving law enforcement authorities… now made even more “glamorous” because of the new technologies of moving picture films, in music recording, and with theatrical productions, not to mention a multitude of magazine and other print media means.

What’s different today is that we now seem to have created a new collective mindset which tacitly accepts the idea of settling any personal animus no matter how petty…not only with the usual gun violence against individuals…but also…with high volume firing capacity weapons to slaughter as many innocent people as possible, having no direct involvement with whatever might be bugging us…simply to make a statement or vent our rage about something or other.

In any case, we already have laws on the books (which have long been upheld as constitutionally valid) against fully automatic weapons such as machine guns, sub-machine guns, etc. There is therefore no valid reason not to classify such military weapons as …AR15 …AK47…and similar high volume semi-automatic weapons under the same prohibitions because, while their cyclic rate of fire may be less than fully automatic ones, these are essentially the same due to their high capacity clips or magazines. Common sense therefor should prevail against the insanity of allowing such weapons to be easily accessible outside of a military environment.

Frankly, we’ve come to believe that this Second Amendment right of ours, to bear arms, has been completely perverted from the original intent and meaning our founders had of it, by those who just seek to use it as an excuse for making money at the cost of innocent lives. In our view they’re not just raking in “blood” money from that, but they should also be considered as belonging to the same kind of dirty business as do those who peddle drugs.