(…which could ultimately bite them all where the sun don’t shine)

The Senate finally passed a bill to “overhaul” the tax-code. As far as we can figure out from the sparse information anyone seems to have gotten about it, while it is obviously not “reform”, we’re not even sure it merits being called an “overhaul” of the code since, reportedly, hardly any of the senators who were asked to vote for it…have yet to read any part of it.

Which raises a good question here…so who crafted this “overhaul” us?

Discounting all those voices loudly braying about it over the Social Media megaphones…on the grounds of their extreme bias one way or the other (and the main source of all that faux news we’re told about), or even what all those pundit voices of our so-called mainstream media (of both print and television sources) say about it, the only thing this bill appears to have accomplished is to further lighten the tax burden for business enterprises by shifting that burden even further onto the individual tax-paying voters of this country.

There’s nothing new about that, of course, it was ever thus, from the beginning of the republic. But, let’s not blame our career politicos about that.  If there’s any fault for that, fellow taxpayers, it lies squarely with us, because we’re the idiots who keep on re-electing them into office, year after year, after year, after year…with no limits. Thus, the longer we let them stay in Congress, the less leverage any of us individual tax-payers have over any of them. Which is why we deserve everything we don’t get.

Well, the Senate is as the Senate does, so our only self-defense against such chicanery is for each and every individual tax-paying citizen to head for either Delaware or Nevada as quickly as they can and there, incorporate themselves as a business enterprise, because, as such, we too will then enjoy all those reported tax benefits now being applied to these for the next few decades…at least. Keeping in mind, doing so, is the surest path for any of us to ever achieve the elusive American dam of becoming part of that high-end 1% so many are screeching about.

In short, if enough of us were to now get smart and take advantage of this bill by rushing to incorporate ourselves…then…Uncle Sam’s tax guy would be left…sucking eggs.