(and hoping that this next one will be slightly less so…)

Not much we can say about this past year of 2017 other than…we’re glad we’re able to be closing out another…anno horribilis…and hoping that this next one will be slightly less so.

If we were to itemize some of the more serious reasons why 2017 has not been a happy one the following might be the major items we’d include in that list:

  • The results of our 2016 presidential election proved beyond any doubt that the key aspect of our American political system is that it lets us vote …dumb…as well as… smart…and in this instance, maybe we voted…dumb.
  • International terrorism struck all over the place with absolute immunity, simply because no one seems to understand that it is nothing less than an international criminal syndicate composed of multiple gang-type groups who have weaponized religion to justify indiscriminate mass murder, rape, and pillage as their means of achieving exclusive rule over whatever bit of turf they can grab and control, and, blackmail the rest of the world to comply with their demands.
  • Mother Nature turned even more cranky than usual, with extreme hissy-fits of floods, drought, firestorms, earthquakes, and hurricanes.
  • The relatively stable economic and political world order of the past fifty years or so has fissioned, breaking up into violently squabbling parts, each intent on grabbing whatever it can for itself, and devil take the hindmost. Meanwhile, the new global order emerging from all of that appears to be inching toward a triumvirate of world power composed of China, America, and Russia. How well or how peacefully these three hegemonic interests manage to reach accommodation with each other will determine how peaceful and prosperous the remaining decades of this century will be.
  • The pendulum of the world’s socio-economic ideals is swinging away from free and open societal models, back toward models of autocratic kleptocracy instead. Models in which them what have…get…while everyone else…just keeps on sucking eggs.
  • Lava flows of scandalous sexual misconduct disclosures have suddenly erupted all over the place on a global scale. Apparently because such mortal sinning has long been confused as being an essential part of la dolce vita…and…from misconstruing what Boccaccio’s writings had to say about it.

So, it’s really been a scrambled year. How much better 2018 will be is anyone’s guess. Pessimists, will simply growl and mutter in their beers about how the world is going to hell in a handbasket. Optimists such as we, however, will simply lean back in our recliners with a good shot of cognac in hand and say…que sera…sera.

C’est la vie.